February 18, 2014


To be honest. Mine isn't as bad. I haven't been touched physically it's more of... psychological. I kind of have a stalker who keeps emailing me... and I have told her it's uncomfortable and have asked her to stop, yet she still keeps on emailing me. I don't know what's going on, and can't really understand her. She seems like a normal person but to a point I think she's really weird... I have just been ignoring her emails. I didn't put it into spam because I want to make sure I have some kind of information on what she's thinking or what she wants to do. So... it's pretty scary.. Almost feels like she's manipulating me some how...

[Note from the editor: This is one of the many anonymous anecdotes and survey responses collected for the dx/dt project that were not used in the film. They are being posted here as contributions to the discussion of sexual violence, relationship abuse, and stalking in the MIT community. Thank you to all of the authors of these posts for your willingness to speak out.]