February 18, 2014

All the magic is ruined.

Young boys can be abused by older women, and it affects us just as much.

I was still fairly young when I tried to tell my family. Most of them didn't believe me, or else dismissed it as not a big deal. I haven't tried telling anyone else since then. Mostly I try to forget that it ever happened.

I developed intimacy issues. I feel very little joy when I'm kissing or cuddling with someone because it reminds me of how I was coerced into doing it when I was a child. All the magic is ruined.

[Note from the editor: This is one of the many anonymous anecdotes and survey responses collected for the dx/dt project that were not used in the film. They are being posted here as contributions to the discussion of sexual violence, relationship abuse, and stalking in the MIT community. Thank you to all of the authors of these posts for your willingness to speak out.]