February 18, 2014

Changing Schools

 The [sexual violence] in my life was in my childhood, and was discovered via therapy. My parents were informed by the therapist, and reacted by changing the school that I went to, and cutting off the violent friendship. I didn't find out why those changes had occurred until years later, when it was explained to me exactly what had transpired. I also have a friend who experienced [sexual violence] this year, and I, as well as our mutual friends reacted with shock, and support. As much as you know it happens here, or has happened to you, it's always surprising when it happens to someone you care about.

[Note from the editor: This is one of the many anonymous anecdotes and survey responses collected for the dx/dt project that were not used in the film. They are being posted here as contributions to the discussion of sexual violence, relationship abuse, and stalking in the MIT community. Thank you to all of the authors of these posts for your willingness to speak out. If you recognize a post as your own and would like it taken down, please email saturdaynightatmit@gmail.com immediately.]